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Lend a Paw to help Dog Rescue Without Borders Help us give a rescue dog a second chance on life and a forever family!

Your Donation Saves Lives

Dog Rescue Without Borders is an all-volunteer, home-based organization funded completely on donations. We have no costly salaries or office overhead which guarantees that your gift will go directly toward saving lives.

Dog Rescue Without Borders is a registered 501-(c) (3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

Every Dollar you give goes directly towards helping rescue lives, heal the sick, a feed the almost 100 animals we give shelter to every day.

Your Donation goes a long way to save a life.  Every Day our team of volunteers finds dogs who need saving. Tijuana has to many dogs that need help to count.  They are sick, Lost, Hungry, Scared, and in need of a friend to save them and find them a forever family.

Once we identify, find, and rescue a dog we take them straight to our trusted veterinarians in Tijuana for a check up and to get them the medical attention they need.  Living on the streets can give dog numerous health problems and we must heal their bodies so we can heal their hearts.

Typically it costs $200-$300 per animal to be treated so they can head to their new foster home to begin recovery.

Our Dogs take typically 6 months to get adopted, which requires around $19 of food and supplies per month to keep them fed.

Your Monthly or one-time donation goes a long way to saving a life, feeding a starving belly, or healing the sick so they can forever be loved by a new family.

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