Kira Jerry

Name: Hanna Sex: Female
Breed: Cocker / Lab mix Age: 6 months
Hi, my name is Hanna, I am healthy, sweet and love to give kisses.

Name: Preciosa Sex: Female
Breed: Maltipoo Age: 10 months
Hi, my name is Presiosa, I’m terribly lonely and want nothing more than a family to love me. I’m super sweet, I love attention, and give excellent kisses!

Name: Coco Channel Sex: Female – Spayed
Breed: Terrier Age: 10 months – Spayed
Hi, my name is Coco Channel, I was taken out of a high killer shelter along with my four babies. I am happy that my babies found homes. I having been living with my foster mom but searching for my forever parents, will you adopt me?

Name: Camila Sex: Female
Breed: Beagle mix Age: 4 months old
Hi, my name is Camila, I’m a great watchdog, love attention, and I’m very affectionate. I would make a great companion!

Name: Memo Sex: Male
Breed: Pit bull mix Age: 18 months
Hi, my name is Memo, I’m only a year old and am glad to be alive..I would love to live with you and walk beside you. Live in home on a nice bed and sleep all night.. that’s me…just glad to be alive!!!

Name: Lobito Sex: Male
Breed: Mix Age: 5 months
Hi, my name is lobito, I am small, fun, bright and I get along with everyone. I will be the best dog ever!!

Name:Capone Sex: MaleNeutred
Breed: Min Pincher/Chi mix Age: 18 months
Hi, my name is Capone, and I was found on the street. I’m a sweet boy! I’m always happy – even when I’m nervous, and my tail is always wagging! I’d really love to be part of a family. Will you take me home?

Name: Buñuelo Sex: Male
Breed: Terrier Mix Age: Approx. 4 years old
Hi, my name is Bunuelo, I am looking for my forever family. I’m a friendly and playful little guy who loves attention! I love to cuddle and give great kisses.Can I be part of your family?

Name: Keta Sex: Female
Breed: Rot mix Age: 2 years
Hi, my name is Keta, I was found in the street, hungry, and pregnant. My foster mom had been taking care of me and all of my puppies. Some of my puppies have found homes and others like me are still at my foster moms home. I have so much love to give, all I want is my own forever home, I can’t remember ever having a home, will you give me a home?

Name: Vago Sex: Male
Breed: Mix Age: Senior
Hi, my name is Vago, they have no idea how old I am and me either..yes I am little older — but don’t let my age fool you; I still has a lot of spunk. I get along with other dogs and also children. Currently, I am at my foster home but am desperately looking for my forever home. Will you let me be part of your family?
Name: Guerita Sex: Female
Breed: Cocker Spaniel Age: 18 months

Name: Chino Sex: Male
Breed: Poodle mix Age: 5 months

Name: Princess Sex: Female – Spayed
Breed: Chichuhua mix Age: 15 months
Hi, my name is Princess, I was rescued from a high kill shelter and give a second chance at life. I love to go on car rides

Name: Pluto Sex: Male
Breed: Mix Age: 4 months